Charleston Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawyer

The law office of The Bell Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in wrongful death lawsuits where nursing home negligence contributes to or directly causes the death of a patient.

In many cases, improperly trained staff or poor operational oversight leads to life-threatening infections, falls, and sicknesses that could have been prevented.

Working with investigators and medical experts, our nursing home wrongful death attorneys locate and identify breakdowns in procedures, healthcare malpractice, and abusive actions that result in death.

We have filed more than 50 nursing home abuse lawsuits in West Virginia and aggressively pursue cases involving a nursing home fatality or accidental death.

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Nursing Home Negligence and Wrongful Death

The nursing home negligence attorneys at The Bell Law Firm, PLLC represent clients in cases involving the wrongful death of their loved one due to one or more of the following kinds of nursing home negligence:

  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Complications due to falls
  • Unsanitary conditions that lead to infections or illness
  • Neglect that leads to a deterioration in patient’s condition

Providing Peace of Mind During a Difficult Time

Having served the people and communities of West Virginia for over 30 years, we’ve learned how important it is to help people through difficult times. As personal injury lawyers, we understand families need time to grieve, and to tend to personal matters and affairs without worrying whether those responsible are being tracked down and held accountable.

As your attorneys, we take responsibility for immediately undertaking legal and investigative action. Our wrongful death lawyers move to collect evidence and records, to interview staff and eye-witnesses, and begin the process of building a case. We take over so you don’t have to - allowing you and your family time to focus on other concerns.

Demanding Justice

Lawyer Jeff D. StewartFor a free consultation and more information regarding how we can help with your potential lawsuit, schedule a free consultation at The Bell Law Firm, PLLC today by calling 304-345-1700.

Our staff are ready to take your call and after some initial questions about the nature of your inquiry, you will be quickly connected to one of our personal injury lawyers.

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