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**WARNING Feb. 16: Fiery Train Derailment near Fayette-Kanawha Border Gushes Crude Oil into River**

Collisions involving locomotives are rarely minor events. Approximately 1,000 people lose their lives each year because of an accident with a train, and those that do not die often suffer catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a train accident, consulting a train accident lawyer is often the swiftest way to achieve the justice and compensation you deserve.

Types of Train Accidents

A train accident can be an isolated event or it can result in serious injury to a number of people. The following incidents are the most common ways in which commuters or passersby can become innocent victims in serious locomotive accidents.

Derailment Accidents

A train derailment causes the most widespread damage because hundreds of passengers could potentially be involved. These accidents are very often the result of a failure to follow important safety procedures. Loads that are oversized, faulty tracks or improperly maintained machinery are factors that typically contribute to a derailment.

Derailments can also lead to spillage of cargo. If the train is hauling a chemical that is toxic to humans or another dangerous substance, the resulting injuries can be significantly worsened.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Accidents at railroad crossings can result in faulty equipment, such as defective stop-arms or lights on the crossing itself; if a passing train fails to sound its horn, drivers may unknowingly be in its path; objects could also stick off of the train and injure pedestrians at the crossing, or hit vehicles as the train passes.

Accidents without Collisions

In what are sometimes the most shocking types of train accidents, accidents not involving a collision mean that pedestrians or passersby can fall onto the tracks and be killed by a speeding locomotive. Slipping off of an elevated platform is a common cause of such an accident. In these cases, hiring an experienced train accident lawyer is necessary to determine who is liable for what happened.

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Charleston Train Accident LawyersWhatever the circumstance, if your family has been impacted by a devastating train accident you deserve to be compensated for what was taken from you.

At The Bell Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experiencing litigating claims arising from another person’s negligence. When a railroad company is reckless and fails to keep civilians safe from the dangers of trains, the victims have a right to compensation.

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