Doctor Errors

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Study of Medical Malpractice Claims Finds Misdiagnosis is the Most Common Problem

In a study of 1,180 medical malpractice claims, The Doctors Company found that the most common allegations were for failed, delayed or incorrect diagnoses, accounting for 39 percent of the claims in the study. More than half of the misdiagnosis claims… Read More

Diagnostic Errors are Frighteningly Common

It’s scary, but true. According to a blue-ribbon panel report from the Institute of Medicine, most people will experience at least one medical diagnostic error in their lifetime.  According to the first report, “Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare,” launched… Read More

Raleigh General Hospital Notifies Patients They May Have Received Unnecessary Heart Surgeries

A number of patients at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley have been notified that they may have received heart surgeries for no medical reason, thus exposing them to unnecessary health risks. According to ABC affiliate WCHS Channel 8, the southern… Read More

Medicare Penalizes 721 Hospitals for Safety Deficiencies

Medicare has announced it will penalize 721 hospitals across the country for failing to prevent potentially avoidable mistakes that can or did cause harm to patients at a high rate.Medicare assessed the hospitals for the incidence of hospital-acquired… Read More

Doctors sued for not ensuring patients follow-up as instructed

It is likely that many residents of West Virginia have been told by their doctors to follow-up at a later date with either that same physician, or another one. Depending on the circumstances under which that direction was provided, it is possible that… Read More

Debate over length of interns’ shifts continues

Most would agree that it takes a special type of person to become a doctor. In addition to being very smart and driven, for many specialties, having the stamina to work long hours with little sleep is also a requirement. While not all specialties require… Read More

What is the best way to prevent medical errors?

It is possible for most of us to think about a time when an action taken at work has been classified as an error. In most of these situations, though a pain to deal with, it is unlikely that individuals have been seriously injured as a result of it. This… Read More

Lawsuit filed against West Virginia doctor who treated man’s wife

A West Virginia man has accused a doctor in the state of medical negligence in connection with the death of his wife. According to an autopsy that was performed after the woman's death, her death was due to the drug the doctor prescribed for her.… Read More

More states adopting loss of chance doctrine

Recently, the Supreme Court of the state of Minnesota issued its decision in a case that establishes the loss of chance doctrine for those who have suffered injury due to a doctors misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. With the ruling, Minnesota joined 22… Read More

Order alleges West Virginia doctor failed to diagnose tumor

A West Virginia doctor has been accused of failing to recognize and diagnose a  tumor while working at Pleasant Valley Hospital Inc.A scheduling order for the medical malpractice lawsuit was filed on April 10. Proceedings are to take place in Mason… Read More

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