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Senators Want Strict Regulations Concerning Nursing Home Abuse on Social Media

Incidents of nursing home abuse on social media sites have become more frequent over the past few years, and the recent increase has caused public outcry over what some people are calling, “a disturbing new social media trend.” The incidents being… Read More

New Quality Care Measures Coming to Nursing Home Compare

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, six new nursing home quality measures will be initiated within the upcoming months. Quality measures are used to determine various levels of nursing home care. They are taken from assessment… Read More

Most Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Tied to Doctors With Multiple Claims

According to a new study conducted by Stanford researchers, nearly one-third of all medical malpractice lawsuit s are associated with just one percent of all physicians. The small percentage of doctors responsible for the staggering number of lawsuits… Read More

West Virginia Nursing Home Faces Lawsuit Over Patient Death

A Cabell County man has filed a lawsuit against a local nursing home facility alleging an extreme amount of abuse and neglect by staff members caused the death of his grandfather. The man filed the suit last month against Huntington Health and Rehabilitation… Read More

Department of Transportation Report Shows Spike in Traffic Fatalities

According to a 2015 traffic report compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the number of traffic fatalities on the nation’s roadways increased dramatically in 2015, despite deaths declining in previous years.   The recent increase… Read More

Nursing Home Murder Prompts Legal Change of Arbitration Agreements

In 2009, a beloved 100-year-old great-grandmother was suffocated to death by her mentally unstable roommate at a nursing home in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Immediately following the murder, the victim’s son was barred from filing a lawsuit against… Read More

Golden Living Nursing Homes Hit with Lawsuit for Gross Negligence and Abuse

Some disturbing incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect at several Golden Living nursing home facilities in central Pennsylvania have left many wondering how the homes are still in operation. Golden Living owns and operates many nursing homes throughout… Read More

Boston Nursing Home under Investigation by Officials

Following a scabies infection at a Wilmington nursing home, Massachusetts state health officials have launched an investigation into the Woodbriar Health Center. In January 2015, caregivers discovered scabies in the facility’s dementia care unit. Forty… Read More

Nursing Home Abuse on Social Media Becoming More Common

A new form of nursing home abuse is on the rise, as more and more nursing facility workers are posting demeaning pictures and videos of elderly residents to popular social media sites. Recently, many images have surfaced online that show nursing home… Read More

High Vitamin D Doses Increase Nursing Home Fall Risk

A new study shows that elderly residents receiving high doses of Vitamin D are more likely to suffer nursing home falls . These findings contradict previous research that suggested Vitamin D supplements could improve function and fight muscle weakness… Read More

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New AHCA Guide Focuses on Social Media Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

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