New Quality Care Measures Coming to Nursing Home Compare

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Mar 09, 2016 in Nursing Home Information

nursing-home-quality-careAccording to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, six new nursing home quality measures will be initiated within the upcoming months.

Quality measures are used to determine various levels of nursing home care. They are taken from assessment information collected on nursing home residents.

After taking assessments, nursing homes report the data to Medicare. The assessments include information pertaining to residents' mental health, physical health, and overall well-being.

Medicare then publishes nursing homes' quality measure scores on Nursing Home Compare, which is a government-funded website that offers information about the quality of care given at Medicare or Medicaid-approved nursing homes throughout the nation.

These published quality measures may be used to help people select a nursing home, check the nursing home care that a loved one is receiving, or assist nursing homes in improving residents' experiences.

The six new quality measures will be based on Medicare claims and other pertinent data, and will include reference points based on percentage amounts.The measures will also include information on both long stay and short stay residents. A short stay is defined as less than or equal to 100 days.

The six new quality measures are:

  • The percentage of long stay residents who lost their ability to move in an independent manner, or whose ability worsened.
  • The percentage of long stay residents who were regularly given hypnotic or anti-anxiety medication.
  • The percentage of short stay residents who showed improvement in physical strength and mobility.
  • The percentage of short stay residents who were hospitalized after an SNF admission, including for observation purposes only.
  • The percentage of short stay residents who had an outpatient emergency room visit.
  • The percentage of short stay residents who were discharged successfully and who were not readmitted to a nursing facility or hospital within 30 days of the discharge date.

These new measures were added to the list of previous measures, as they are believed to be helpful for both consumers and nursing homes that are looking for information regarding quality of care that has not been previously available.

The data will be published on the Nursing Home Compare website in April 2016. Beginning in July, five of the new measures will employ a Five-Star Quality Ratings system.

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