Nursing homes face fines over patient injuries

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Mar 01, 2012 in Nursing Home Injury or Death

Making sure safety procedures are strictly followed is essential to ensuring a high quality of care at any nursing home or long-term care facility. West Virginia families who entrust the care and well-being of their loved ones to these facilities have the expectation that nursing home staff are adequately trained and well-equipped to deal with a variety of problems or issues that may arise.

Recently three nursing homes were cited by the Department of Public Health for failing to follow proper procedures which ultimately led to nursing home Injuries . In one instance, a resident's care plan clearly directed that the resident, who suffers from dementia and osteoporosis, should always be moved by two people and never lifted under the arms. The resident, who was considered a "fall risk", was improperly lifted under the arms and suffered arm and neck injuries.

In another case, a resident in the care of nursing home staff, fell out of bed and suffered a head injury that required further medical care. The nursing home was fined $510 for failing to protect a patient from injury while providing care.

It only takes a moment for a nursing home resident to fall or injure themselves. Often falls result in injuries such as broken hips and bones or concussions. While serious at any age, these types of injuries are especially concerning when dealing with an aged population.

To prevent injuries, it's critical that nursing home staff always follow patient care plans. Nursing home facilities and staff that fail to do so run the risk of being sued for negligence.

Source: New Haven Register, "3 Connecticut nursing homes face fines for patient injuries," The Connecticut Health I-Team, Feb. 28, 2012

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