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Road Construction Accidents: What You Need To Know

Driving through a construction zone can be a harrowing experience. There are orange cones everywhere, the ground is uneven, other drivers are going way too fast, and there are hazards around every corner. What happens…

If I’m Hit By A Semi Truck Who’s At Fault?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and other big-rig trucks are all-too-often catastrophic in their scope. Because of the sheer size and mass of these vehicles, the damage they cause is far greater than that of an accident…

Why You Need Underinsured Motorist Coverage

You’re out enjoying a leisurely drive when suddenly it happens: someone else is behaving irresponsibly behind the wheel, makes a colossally bad decision, and you end up in a serious accident. You face major injuries…

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Mediate Claims?

Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular method for settling disputes as an alternative to taking legal action. If you are having difficulties settling your personal injury claim, mediation may be an easier, cheaper method to…

I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver, Do I Need A Lawyer?

Drunk drivers are nothing short of an epidemic and plague on the roads. Despite our best efforts to curb this reckless, irresponsible and criminal activity, thousands of people still die every single year from alcohol-related…

How To Prevent Elder Abuse Before It’s Too Late

One way of preventing elder abuse is by carefully choosing an adequate nursing home facility. Factors like money, distance, and available services can all impact your decision-making process, but the time it takes to find…

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