Woman injured in water slide collision sues amusement park

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Sep 15, 2012 in Personal Injury

A woman who collided with another patron of a water slide at an amusement park is suing the owners of the attraction. As she rode the enclosed Twister water slide on an inner tube provided by the park, she ran into the other patron, who was stuck inside the slide -- the accident was unavoidable. The plaintiff claims that either a lack of sufficient flow of water or other defects in the ride resulted in serious injuries for her.

Her lawsuit contends that the ride owners and managers and their employees either knew or should have known that patrons were getting stuck in the tube. An attraction employee told her to proceed into the tube, she says, without taking the time to make sure that the person before her had completed the ride. Instead, he merely relied on the elapsed time since the last patron entered, a useless method if the patron became stalled in the ride.

The accident occurred in September 2010. The amusement park promotes the waterslide ride as featuring multiple helixes, mystery and speed, wrapped up into one "watery journey into darkness." Few members of the public would ever willingly enter the slide if they thought there was a substantial risk of getting hurt.

To avoid this, she says, the employee should have taken precautions to see to it that other patrons had proceeded far along towards the exit to make it safe for other to enter. Failing to do so, or to take other steps to ensure patron safety, was negligent, according to her complaint. Several companies are named as defendants in the lawsuit for their roles in the ownership, management and operation of the amusement park.

Source: Courthouse News, "Water Slide Pileup Makes Splash in Court," Sept. 7, 2012

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