Study Indicates “Younger Elderly” More Likely to be Severely Abused

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Jun 08, 2016 in Nursing Home Information

younger elderly abuseAccording to a recent study by Cornell University and the University of Toronto, the most severe elder abuse is directed at the “youngest old” or people ages 60 to 74. These findings challenge the belief that seniors over the age of 85 are most affected by severe abuse.

Elder abuse can occur in many forms including emotional, sexual or physical abuse, abandonment and neglect. It has been noted that when seniors and abusers reside alone together, seniors are up to four times more likely to be abused.

However, a new study indicates an additional person living in the residence can act as a buffer to minimize the severity of the abuse. Older people are most at risk when abusers have unrestricted access to victims.

Categorized by age, the “youngest old” were exposed to the most severe types of abuse. However, the new study acknowledges more research must be conducted encompassing older people who are cognitively impaired and living in nursing homes facilities.

Prior elder abuse studies revealed that an estimated one in 10 older people were subjected to some type of elder abuse. With the doubling of the older adult population eminent, there are concerns that abuse cases will grow. Unfortunately, elder abuse victims tend to experience more hospitalizations, face mental health challenges, and have decreased life spans.

Research prior to this study relied on yes or no responses to questions, but the new study used a continuum of severity instead. A sample of 4,156 older New Yorkers living in community-style facilities were studied and data came from this representative group.

Sixty-two percent of adults abused since they were 60 years of age said they were abused in the previous year while 11 percent suffered from 10 or more physical abuse incidents in the prior year.

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