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Nursing Home Liability: What You Need To Know

Most people rightly understand that when an elderly loved one is placed in nursing care, the home is responsible for seeing to their health and well-being. When seniors can’t take care of their own needs,…

Taking Negligent Nursing Home Staff To Task

Retirement communities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes all share one thing in common: they’re places where our senior loved ones go to live out their twilight years in comfort and safety, where their needs…

4 Most Common Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

When your loved one is the victim of abuse in a nursing facility, it’s not your fault. Nobody sets out to have their beloved family members in such a scary and painful situation. There is,…

How To Prevent Elder Abuse Before It’s Too Late

One way of preventing elder abuse is by carefully choosing an adequate nursing home facility. Factors like money, distance, and available services can all impact your decision-making process, but the time it takes to find…

How To Spot The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

There are currently more than 16,000 nursing homes in the Unites States housing approximately two million elders over the age of 65. With more and more of our older population being admitted into nursing homes,…

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