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Is It Worth Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Whiplash?

Whiplash is a common soft tissue injury that often occurs when one vehicle is hit from behind by another motorist. This rapid acceleration from a stopped position or from a slower speed can cause the head to abruptly jerk forwards and/or backward, leading to whiplash. Whiplash is not the easiest injury to prove, although its Read More

Time Grows Shorter for Preserving Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

Time Grows Shorter for Preserving Nursing Home Residents’ Rights By Jeff D. Stewart Nursing home abuse is a serious problem. Unfortunately, the West Virginia Legislature has taken action that will limit the rights of abuse victims to seek justice. Senate Bill 338, which will become law in July, will place new limits on where and when Read More

New Law Will Limit Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

New Law Will Limit Nursing Home Residents’ Rights By Jeff D. Stewart The rights of residents of nursing homes are about to change because of a new law approved this year by the West Virginia Legislature. Under pressure from nursing homes, legislators passed Senate Bill 338, which will take effect in July. The new law Read More

What Benefits Are Available Under Social Security?

Social Security benefits are widely available to two groups of people: those over retirement age and those with a disability. The amount available to those with a disability will change depending on which programs they qualify for, the extent of their disability and how much they paid into Social Security through FICA taxes (and/or self-employment Read More

How Pedestrians Can Avoid Accidents During a Festival

With warm weather setting in, festival season is here. But with throngs of people comes a rise in pedestrian accidents. So whether you intend to dig in at the Strawberry Festival or catch one of your favorite live acts at the Mountain Music Fest, there is always the possibility that crowds and traffic will not Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents: When a Pedestrian Is Injured

Many of the most horrible pedestrian accidents involve drunk drivers. In fact, the FBI determined that in 2010, 23 percent of non-commercial drivers involved in fatal car accidents had a blood alcohol content over the legal limit. This dangerous mix of speed and alcohol often leaves pedestrian victims severely injured, paralyzed or even dead. While Read More

Can You Sue a City Over a Personal Injury Claim?

The State of West Virginia owns and maintains tens of thousands of miles of highways, employs thousands of workers and grapples with upkeep for countless acres of state and municipally owned structures on a regular basis. With all this responsibility and area to cover, something could easily go wrong, leading to a situation where a Read More

What Happens When You’re Hit By a Driver With No Car Insurance

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is tough. There are vehicle repairs to be made, follow-up medical treatments to schedule and other circumstance to deal with that can throw a wrench in your schedule. If you were not at fault for the accident, at least you can rest assured knowing that the insurance Read More

Liability When Nursing Home Patients Leave the Premises

Nursing homes and elder care facilities may face a lawsuit if a resident was hurt on their premises, but what about if a resident wanders off and is injured off of the premises? Under certain circumstances, a nursing home may be held liable for injuries sustained when a resident has left the property. If your Read More

How to Get Medical Treatment After an Accident Without Insurance

No matter what type of car accident you’re involved in, dealing with the aftermath can often be overwhelming. If you were injured in a collision, receiving medical care is the most important step. Your safety and the safety of the other involved parties should be the main priority. But what if you need medical treatment Read More

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