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At the offices of Stewart Bell, PLLC, our team of highly skilled personal injury attorneys and support staff is dedicated to the pursuit of justice. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury due to the negligence of another, we can help fight for your rights.

Our attorneys pursue all appropriate avenues to resolve our clients cases swiftly and for a satisfactory amount. While many of these positive outcomes may only come from going to trial, we will always explore the possibility of settling out of court, which some clients feel to be a less stressful option.

Listed below are a selection of results that we have obtained for some of our clients in West Virginia:

Represented a female involved in a serious motor vehicle accident who sustained serious and substantial personal injuries as a result of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle by an employee of a major accounting firm operating for business purposes. After an extensive investigation and litigation, secured a large confidential settlement for the client allowing her a stream of income for years to come as well as certain modifications and improvements at home and funding of her childrens college funds.

Represented a widower and family members of individuals killed or seriously injured as a result of a drunk driver in a rural West Virginia county. Successfully investigated and went after the pharmacy who also had liquor store operations who sold liquor to a known habitual drunkard under violation of West Virginia law. Successfully litigated and dealt with attempts by the pharmacy chain to declare the West Virginia statute unconstitutional and negotiated a substantial settlement on behalf of our clients under terms of confidentiality.

Successfully represented the widow of a well respected and well known bus driver in a rural West Virginia community who was killed while operating his personal vehicle along with his wife who was injured on a rural West Virginia highway as a result of a trucking company moving trucks across the highway unlighted without flags or traffic controls in a hazardous situation. Negotiated a substantial confidential settlement prior to the institution of suit.

Represented a family whos beloved mother was a patient in a local Kanawha County are nursing home and while dying from unrelated causes, was allowed to lie in her own filth, feces and urine without care or respect by the facility. Upon transfer to a local area medical center, the ER physicians were appalled at the treatment and was able to bring a claim that resulted in a jury verdict in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia on behalf of the family. Subsequently settled the case for a confidential amount.

Represented almost 100 consumers who had acquired new Daewoo vehicles from an authorized Daewoo dealer who failed to disclose the parent company was in bankruptcy. Successfully resolved claims in a class action approved Kanawha County Court.

Brought successful class action against a large Logan County dealership who had engaged in consumer misrepresentation and deception by claiming a $1 over invoice sale price scheme. Lawsuit brought as a class action in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, subsequently certified, and a settlement agreement reached. The dealer changed its sales and marketing practice following the litigation.

Represented a female vice president of a West Virginia community bank in a sexual harassment hostile work environment wrongful discharge case in Northeastern West Virginia. Case successfully litigated and settled for significant confidential amount. Alleged harasser resigned shortly thereafter from the bank.

Represented a bookkeeper in a hostile work environment harassment claim against her employer. Tried the case to verdict. The case subsequently resolved for a confidential amount following a post-trial motion seeking attorneys fees in addition to the verdict. Verdict included punitive damages all against local food service operations as a result of certain members of its management team.

Successfully represented a former store manager of a large nationwide truck stop, restaurant, convenience store chain as a result of sexual harassment and retaliation. After bringing complaints to the attention of the chairman and CEO of the problems with one of the managers, the corporate defendants fired plaintiff which resulted in litigation and a successful resolution of a confidential nature.

Successfully represented an employee of a Northern West Virginia convenience store who had been subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment by a manager who was convicted sex offender. Was able to identify and expose complex corporate ownership structure, identifying assets and resources to pay. Resolved the claim resulting in a significant confidential settlement prior to trial.

Represented dozens of purchasers of new and used motor vehicles from a large Kanawha County car dealership involving allegations of extensive consumer fraud and misrepresentations of various factors. Successfully resolved over 90 percent of all claims with cash payments in varying amounts depending upon allegations of the clients and requiring defendants to pay plaintiffs attorneys fees.

Successfully represented a family in a legal malpractice claim against an attorney in southern West Virginia who had failed to timely bring medical malpractice action against a Tennessee institution due to the failure to recognize Tennessee one year statute of limitations for such claims. Extensive investigation and discovery resulted in a settlement through the Circuit Court as a result of the lawyers malpractice carrier.

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