Has Your Loved One Been a Victim of Elder Neglect?

If your elderly loved one suffered due to a caregiver's neglect, let Stewart Bell, PLLC help you fight for justice.

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If your elderly loved one has been the victim of neglect due to the irresponsibility of a caregiver, it’s important to protect their rights. Elder neglect is a serious issue in our country, largely because it’s well hidden from those who can do anything about it. We cannot let negligent caregivers get away with their wrongdoings or worse, continue to neglect other elders in their care. Our West Virginia elder neglect lawyers at Stewart Bell, PLLC may be able to help.

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Your loved one has rights under the law. They deserve compensation if they’ve been neglected. Let our attorneys help you in this fight.

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When a loved one is neglected by the caregiver entrusted with their well-being, it’s understandable to feel angry and betrayed. We understand your pain, and we want to help you through this difficult time. You and your family deserve justice and compensation for the crimes committed against you. Stewart Bell, PLLC is here to help you fight for everything you are owed.

When someone has neglected to provide the necessary care for your loved one, you need a trusted ally at your side. You need someone with experience and compassion who will fight to get you justice and help you to seek compensation for the harm that’s been done. We’ve helped many people in your situation, and your best chance to collect on damages comes from seeking help from a West Virginia elder neglect lawyer at our firm.

Has Your Loved One Suffered Elder Neglect?

Stewart Bell, PLLC is ready to listen to you and help you in this fight. Let’s seek justice together.

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Elder Neglect vs. Elder Abuse

Understanding the difference between elder neglect and elder abuse is essential to pursuing your case. Here are a few types of neglect your loved one may have been subjected to:

Physical Neglect

When a victim has suffered physical harm, this is physical neglect. It could be due to a lack of hygiene, not being fed enough, or not being given medication when they need it. Failure to help them clean and dress, failure to change bandages, or any failure in care that leads to physical harm can be classified as physical neglect.

Emotional Neglect

When you hire a caregiver for your senior loved one, part of their duty is to provide companionship and comfort. When they fail at this responsibility, and when they belittle, dismiss, ignore, or otherwise fail to provide for their adult emotional needs, this can result in actual psychological harm such as anguish, isolation, fear, and anger.

Financial Neglect

If you have hired a caregiver to help with your senior parent or grandparent’s finances and they fail to do so, this is financial neglect. It can occur if they fail to make payments for their patient on rent, mortgage, taxes, utility bills, and even health insurance.


One of the most horrifying kinds of neglect is complete abandonment. This happens when a caregiver leaves their patient with no replacement caregiver. If they can’t perform their duties for any reason, they have an obligation to let you know in advance, and possibly even to help find new care.

The Reasons for Elder Neglect

There are a few different reasons your loved one may have been neglected. Knowing why it happened will help you and your elder neglect attorney in your case proceedings.


Providing full-time care is a taxing profession. Sometimes, caregivers don’t take the time they should for self-care. This can lead to exhaustion and force a caregiver to neglect their patient.

Poor Training

Training is essential to providing adequate care for an elder. Unfortunately, many caregivers today market themselves with false credentials. When a caregiver doesn’t have the right training, they’re more prone to fail at their duties.

Unhappy or Underpaid Staff

If staff feel like they’re underappreciated in any way this can lead to willful neglect of duty. They may simply not want to put forth the extra step if they don’t feel like they’re getting their just due. Unfortunately, this can lead to criminal negligence.

If you’ve seen these or any other signs of neglect from your caregiver, you may have a case.

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Protect Your Elderly Loved One’s Rights

Elder neglect is a constant threat but it’s also all too often an invisible issue. Not only does the neglect often pass unseen for a long time, but when it is brought into the light, agencies will go to great lengths to hide it. The state office of Adult Protective Services (APS) exists to investigate these issues, but they handle criminal charges, not compensation. You deserve compensatory damages to cover the past and ongoing harm your senior family member has suffered.

In order to collect these damages, you need help from an experienced and qualified elder neglect attorney. The West Virginia elder neglect lawyers at Stewart Bell, PLLC have helped many people in your situation. We know how to gather the necessary evidence to hold the neglectful caregiver, and any agency for whom they work, responsible.

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