By Jeff D. Stewart

If you have a loved one who might have been abused or mistreated at a nursing home, you might need to act soon to protect your rights. New legislation, Senate Bill 338, which will take effect in July, will limit the time for those suffering from nursing home abuse to seek justice.

The new law will cut in half the amount of time during which a lawsuit can be filed – from two years to just one year – after an incident of abuse occurs. It also will limit where such lawsuits can be filed.

The changes are the result of pressure on legislators from large corporate entities intent on protecting their profits at the expense of nursing home residents’ rights. This is not the first time legislation has eroded the rights of nursing home residents.

It is important to preserve your legal rights because many things can and do go wrong at nursing homes. Among those problems are: falls that result in disability, functional decline and reduced quality of life; bedsores, which can lead to more serious conditions; malnutrition; dehydration; and staffing shortages that contribute to the other problems mentioned here.

If you suspect that a loved one in a nursing home has been abused or mistreated, you might have legal recourse. Again, it is important for you to act before July to preserve all the legal rights you have now.

Consider calling leaders in the field, such as Stewart Bell, PLLC of Charleston, which has successfully represented many families in cases against nursing homes on behalf of abused and neglected elderly residents and their families. The initial consultation is free, and Stewart Bell, PLLC gets paid only if the case is won. Getting ready to place a loved one in a nursing home? Call for a free document review. More information is available toll-free at 800-342-1701.

This message is intended to make the reader aware of changes in the law but not to give legal advice. If you have questions, contact Stewart Bell, PLLC.

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