Even with better knowledge about safety and new laws on the books, truck accidents remain at epidemic levels across our nation, with thousands of people dying or severely injured every year in crashes with these vehicles. An accident with a big rig is far more serious than one with a car, due to the sheer size and mass of the vehicle involved, and the injuries that result can turn your entire life upside down, changing it forever.

When this happens, and the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you suffer. Getting this compensation, unfortunately, can be difficult as all the parties involved fight to avoid payouts. That’s why Stewart Bell, PLLC is your best semi-truck accident attorney in Charleston, West Virginia. We will work tirelessly to give you the best chance at significant compensation.

Charleston Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

When you get hurt in an accident with a semi-truck, you can be eligible for compensation to recover not just your hospital bills, doctor’s bills, rehabilitation and other medical procedures, but a range of damages that directly affect your life. These include:

  •         Your lost wages and future potential earnings,
  •         Loss of consortium and companionship,
  •         Emotional damages,
  •         Pain and suffering,
  •         Damage to quality of life,
  •         Punitive damages (in the worst cases).

Recovering these damages, however, requires help from a qualified Charleston semi-truck accident attorney like Stewart Bell, PLLC.

Why Recovering Damages is Difficult

Recovering damages can become complex in a truck accident case because there are a lot of entities involved. While the driver certainly bears responsibility, the owner of the trucking company may be responsible. In addition, the loading company, the manufacturer of parts from the truck, the company leasing the truck, the owner of the trailer, and a range of other entities could potentially be responsible.

Unfortunately, all of these entities will fight to shift the blame to one another and avoid paying the claim. This is where your attorney comes in. They can cut through the smoke and mirrors and get to the heart of the matter, filing suit against the proper individuals and getting you the best shot at maximum compensation.

Negligence in the Accident

Most truck accidents hinge on the concept of negligence; that is, someone was acting irresponsibly and that’s why you got hurt. You must prove who was acting in an irresponsible manner, demonstrate that this behavior was the direct or proximate cause of the accident and that you were hurt as a result. An attorney is your best bet at accomplishing this.

How an Attorney Helps

Attorneys like Stewart Bell, PLLC are experienced in building your case, examining the evidence and knowing who is most likely responsible for the accident. They can then interview witnesses and stand up against powerful insurance companies who might be trying to bully or blame you to get their client off the hook.

The right attorney knows how to hold the guilty parties responsible, and allow you to concentrate on what’s important: getting well and getting your life back together. They’re a partner, an advocate and a champion of your rights.

If you’re in the Charleston, West Virginia, region and have been hurt in a truck accident, let Stewart Bell, PLLC fight for you. Give us a call for a free consultation today.

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