By: Jeff D. Stewart, Esq., Stewart Bell, PLLC

When the early astronauts were selected, they had to have what was called the “right stuff.” That included meeting certain fitness standards because their jobs were dangerous and required peak performance. Commercial truck drivers don’t have to meet the same requirements as astronauts, but every trucking company is responsible for ensuring that its drivers meet certain fitness standards because their performance affects all of us who share the highways with them. Driver fitness includes training, experience, and medical qualifications.

To have a Commercial Driver’s License, a person must pass medical exams at least every two years and have a medical card on file in a national database. That is because someone must be a healthy driver to be a safe driver.

Despite that, one of the most common defenses presented in cases of accidents involving big trucks is the claim that the driver had a “sudden medical emergency.” Although it might be possible for a medical emergency to pop up unexpectedly, it is not uncommon for an investigation to find evidence on file at a trucking company showing that a driver actually had a pre-existing medical condition that likely would lead to a crash that could have been prevented. In other words, a skilled lawyer could show that the trucking company failed to assess the situation properly and exercise appropriate care before the accident occurred. That could make a big difference in getting appropriate compensation.

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