Trucking accidents are often nothing short of catastrophic. Car accidents are bad, but when you add the extra momentum, size, and tonnage of a big rig on top, the damage is generally truly devastating. It’s unfortunate, but very often these accidents occur due to mechanical failures in the truck itself. Malfunctioning brakes and tires are the two largest culprits, responsible for almost 30% of big truck crashes.

When you’re injured by a truck, you can be entitled to gain significant compensation for the injuries you suffer. The trick comes in holding the right people responsible. Learn about trucking accidents that are caused by tire and brake failures, how lawsuits proceed in such cases, and how a truck accident attorney can help.

Trucking Accidents from Brake Failure

When brakes fail on a truck, there are a wide range of parties who could be partially or completely held responsible. Often, there are multiple parties involved in these cases, which can make them complex.

Such an accident could see responsibility fall upon the driver, on the loading company, on the company owner or mechanic responsible for maintaining the truck, and even the brake manufacturer. Expect these parties to argue amongst themselves, trying to pass the buck for responsibility.

Truck Accidents Caused by Bad Tires

How often have you driven down the highway and you see a huge strip of shredded rubber and metal on the side of the road? That’s likely from a tire that was thrown by a truck. It happens all the time. Again, there are a range of things that can cause a trucking accident from bad tires. The tires themselves could be defective, or the driver and company that maintains the truck could have failed to properly upkeep or inspect the vehicle.

Again, any time a situation like this comes up, the parties involved will normally argue and blame each other. It’s all an effort to avoid paying out the claim.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

You deserve compensation for your injuries, your medical bills, your pain and suffering, any lost wages, lost potential compensation in the future, damage to your overall quality of life, emotional trauma, and even lost relationships and loss of consortium. Unfortunately, the attorneys and insurance companies representing the trucking company and other parties involved will go to great lengths to avoid paying out.

They might try to trick, threaten, bully or coerce you into signing off on lowball offers. They might even turn around and try to make you the one who is to blame. It can be very difficult to fight these battles, especially when the case gets complex and there are many parties involved.

Get Help from a Trucking Accident Attorney

The best thing you can do is seek help from a truck accident attorney. The right attorney has experience in dealing with insurance companies’ tactics for non-payment and will know how to stand up for your rights and give you the best chance at getting compensation for your injuries.

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