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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that guarantees employees fair wages for their employment. It helps ensure that employees receive minimum wage, are rightfully compensated for overtime, and that they receive benefits to which they are entitled.

Unfortunately, many employers will try to get around the FLSA. For example, they may categorize workers as managers or other salaried employees to avoid paying overtime, when in fact, the workers do not perform managerial duties. Stewart Bell, PLLC, represents employees who are victims of FLSA violations. Working with human resource departments and other experts, we expose the employer’s wrongdoing and help ensure our clients are fully compensated for the actual work they perform.

If you believe your employer is in violation of FLSA regulations, contact an /FLSA attorney  from Stewart Bell, PLLC and schedule a free consultation to discuss your rights. Call 304-345-1700 or toll free 304-345-1700 today.

Do You Have a Case?  

If you are wondering whether you have a valid employment law claim due to violations of FLSA regulations, consider these questions:

  • Does your employer owe you wages for a job completed?
  • Are you making less than minimum wage?
  • Were you given the title of "manager," but perform the same duties as hourly employees?
  • Were you under compensated for overtime work?
  • Did your employer promise you benefits that you never received

At Stewart Bell, PLLC, our employment law attorneys will protect your rights under the FLSA. We take steps to recover the compensation you deserve for your work, and hold your employer accountable for wrongful and deceitful actions.

Contact our Fair Labor Standards Act Lawyers Today

Fair Labor Standard Act Lawyers in Charleston, WVIf you have become a victim of a wage violation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses.

At Stewart Bell, PLLC, our lawyers have many years of experience and there are no upfront costs for us to handle your claim.

For more information and your free case review, contact us today to discuss your case by calling 304-345-1700.

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