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Huntington Personal Injury Lawyers

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Stewart Bell, PLLC is proud to be a trusted team of personal injury lawyerss in Huntington, West Virginia. We help personal injury victims get the justice and the compensation they need when they’ve been hurt. With more than 120 years of combined experience, the personal injury lawyers of Stewart Bell, PLLC know and understand the law. We’re here to help. That’s why we provide a free, no obligation case evaluation and free initial consultation. Personal injury victims pay nothing up front. Call us right away to schedule your free case review: 304-345-1700.

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Stewart Bell, PLLC’s Huntington, West Virginia personal injury lawyers help victims of:

Helping Personal Injury Victims Get the Compensation They Need

Stewart Bell, PLLC wants to help personal injury victims in Huntington get the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries. It all starts with our free, no obligation case review. If we believe that you have a viable legal claim, we’ll tell you more about your legal rights and what you can do to protect them. You’ll also get a free, no obligation initial consultation. This consultation is 100% private. If you choose to have our firm represent you, there’s no upfront fee. We only get paid if we win or settle on your behalf.

Is It Really Necessary to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Many callers ask us whether it’s really necessary to file a lawsuit. They want to know why they just can’t trust the other party or the insurance company to do the right thing. Most personal injury claims never make it to court when you hire a personal injury lawyer. They’re usually settled before trial. However, if a reasonable settlement can’t be reached, then you do have the option to go to trial.

You can’t trust that the other party or the insurance company will do the right thing. While you’re trying to recover from your injuries and worrying about how you’ll pay your bills, businesses and insurance companies are consulting their entire legal team to find a way to not pay for what happened to you even if they were negligent. Insurance companies and businesses are for-profit companies. They want to make sure that they pay out as little as possible. They may delay or flat out refuse to pay you. Private citizens may think, if they ignore you, the situation will just go away.


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How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A personal injury attorney helps you in several ways. Of course, you already know that a lawyer can represent you during settlement negotiations and in court. A personal injury attorney can also help you by dealing with the insurance company or other party on your behalf. This means you focus on getting better while we talk to the other side on your behalf. In short, Stewart Bell, PLLC helps protect your legal rights.

If you’re the victim of a personal injury, call Stewart Bell, PLLC now at 304-345-1700 to schedule your free case review. Put our experience to work for you!

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For more than 30 years, the lawyers of Stewart Bell, PLLC have helped the people and businesses of West Virginia protect their interests and rights. We understand the issues that injured people and their families face after an accident and work quickly to obtain the MAXIMUM amount of compensation for every case we handle.

We have recovered MILLIONS of dollars for clients injured because of nursing home abuse, motor vehicle accidents or medical malpractice.

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