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What is considered elder abuse?

elderly lady hidingAbuse of an elder may include:

Physical Abuse—inflicting physical pain or injury to an elderly person such as slapping, bruising, or restraining by physical force or sedative medications.

Sexual Abuse—non-consensual sexual conduct of any kind.

Neglect/Abandonment—the failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, health care, or protection to a vulnerable elder.

Exploitation—illegally taking, misusing, or concealing the elder’s money or property for personal gain.

Emotional Abuse—inflicting mental anguish or distress on an elderly person through verbal or nonverbal acts such as humiliation, intimidation, or threatening.

What are the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse?

elderly man threatenedWhile one sign does not necessarily indicate a problem, two or more signs could indicate abuse of your elderly loved one. Warning signs of elder abuse may include:

  • The physical manifestation of bruises, abrasions, burns, or broken bones that cannot be readily attributed to an accident.
  • Sudden withdrawal from normal activities, or unusual depression.
  • Bites, bruises, or marks around the breasts or genital area, which may be indicative of sexual abuse.
  • Financial instability that is sudden or unexpected. This may be the result of exploitation.
  • Bedsores, lack of proper medication dispersal, poor hygiene or unusual weight loss, which may indicate neglect or abandonment.
  • Frequent arguments between the elderly person and the caregiver, or uses of power and control over the elderly individual by the caregiver, are also possible indicators of elder abuse.

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lawyer Jeff David StewartThe elderly citizens of West Virginia need an ally, and for 30 years Stewart Bell, PLLC has been that ally. We take pride in protecting the rights and interests of elderly West Virginians while helping them receive compensation for their pain and suffering. Stewart Bell, PLLC has an office in West Virginia and proudly serves the people and businesses throughout the greater West Virginia region, including Kanahwa County, Mercer County, and the Ohio River Valley.

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