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About Stewart Bell, PLLCWith more than 120 years of combined experience and having won MILLIONS in verdicts and settlements for our clients, the team of highly trained attorneys and support staff at Stewart Bell, PLLC have the experience and dedication to fight for your MAXIMUM injury compensation amount.

We work on a contingent-fee basis, and we only get paid if we obtain a successful result for your case. For those unsure if they have sufficient grounds to file a lawsuit, we also offer 100% FREE case reviews. This allows our potential clients to learn if their claim is valid and their next steps in the legal process.

Since 1980, we have helped clients achieve their desired outcomes through a proactive approach tailored to their specific needs.

Our main office is located in Charleston and we proudly represent clients in Parkersburg, Huntington, Logan, Martinsburg, Williamson, Wheeling, Bluefield, and most towns and suburbs throughout West Virginia.

To learn how we can help with YOUR compensation claim, call 304-345-1700 or contact us online now.

Putting Our Advantage to Work for You

To keep ahead of the technological tools and resources employed by defense teams, manages its cases and investigations using state-of-the-art computer software and presentation materials which allow us to compile large databases and effectively search for patterns others may miss.

Our injury attorneys are prepared for defense tactics and strategies that try to confuse and avoid the issue. We anticipate lines of defense and dispel them beforehand. Using investigators, medical experts, HR consultants and OSHA professionals, we build a robust, comprehensive argument for your compensation claim.

Some of the tools and resources that our personal injury lawyers make use of while researching, preparing, and presenting our cases include (but are not limited to):

Expert Resources

  • Private investigators
  • Mine and explosive technicians
  • Medical experts in every field of medicine
  • Design engineers and product safety inspectors

Computer Technology

  • Online legal database research tools
  • Computer animation and simulation capabilities
  • Current, state-of-the-art presentation computer software

Building Better Cases

As West Virginia trial lawyers, we believe clear, technically informed, well-prepared cases are highly effective in court. Our ability to explain technical issues and present information in a way that is easily understood ensures jurors understand our clients argument and case.

The advantage to our clients is clear: when questions of cause, blame, or medical fact arise, we have the resources necessary to establish what happened, how it happened, and what injuries were caused as a result. In employment matters, our investigative tools assist in recovering vital computer information, deleted emails, and inconsistencies in written records and eye-witness statements to ensure that your claim is effectively represented.

Skilled Representation in Mediation, Negotiation and Litigation

Many of these cases can be resolved through mediation or negotiation. We build a strong case based on substantiated facts and trusted testimony from experts in various medical and financial fields. Opposing parties know that we have a solid argument and often choose to work with us on a settled agreement rather than risk trial. That said, if litigation is necessary, we will aggressively represent your interests in front of a judge and jury.

Client Commitment = Our Reputation

When people walk through our door, it is usually because something unfortunate has happened to them. They don't want to hear empty promises or a sales pitch - they want answers and leadership. At Stewart Bell, PLLC, we assign a paralegal to personally handle, organize and administer your case, serving as your one-on-one contact anytime you need assistance. Our case management system ensures each client receives personalized attention and prevents details, court dates or information from falling through the cracks.

Have Questions or Need Help? Contact Stewart Bell, PLLC Today

For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you, contact West Virginia trial attorneys at Stewart Bell, PLLC. We take the worry out of personal injury litigation and represent clients throughout the state of West Virginia.

We have proudly served West Virginia injury victims for more than 30 years and can guide you safely through the entire personal injury litigation process. We continue to recover MILLIONS of dollars annually for our valued clients.

Call our team today at 304-345-1700 or contact us online now.

Our attorneys pursue all appropriate avenues to resolve our clients cases swiftly and for a satisfactory amount. While many of these positive outcomes may only come from going to trial, we will always explore the possibility of settling out of court, which some clients feel to be a less stressful option.

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