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With its charming downtown area, comfortable weather, and general vibrancy, Huntington, WV, is a popular destination for families and retirees, alike. As you watch your loved ones grow older, it’s important to remember that they aren’t immune to the risk of elder abuse. Sadly, this heartbreaking problem happens in Huntington and cities across West Virginia more often than anyone realizes.

Elder abuse can occur in several different forms, including neglect, physical or emotional abuse, and financial abuse. If your loved one has experienced any form of elder abuse, you’ll need a Huntington, WV, elder abuse attorney to help you fight for the compensation and justice your family deserves.

That’s where Stewart Bell, PLLC, comes in. We have over 120 years of combined experience handling elder abuse cases and will stop at nothing to help you hold the liable party responsible for their inexcusable actions. All you have to do is call or fill out our free online consultation form to get started today.

Elder Abuse Is a Devastating and Largely Hidden Issue

Our elderly citizens in Huntington deserve to be treated with nothing but respect and honesty, yet elder abuse happens every day at the hands of in-home caregivers, elder care facilities, and even friends and family members of the abused elders.

Sadly, elder abuse is largely a hidden issue that often goes unreported because elders can be too scared or weak to warn anyone that they’re being abused. If you suspect or have witnessed your elderly loved one being abused, it’s vitally important to notify the proper authorities immediately. Then, contact our experienced Huntington, WV, elder abuse attorneys at Stewart Bell, PLLC, to find out your legal options.

There are few things more devastating than learning that your elderly loved one has been mistreated by a caregiver and your family deserves justice. When you contact our office, you can expect the personal care your family needs during this incredibly painful time.

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Common Signs of Elder Abuse

Because elder abuse happens so frequently behind closed doors, it’s important to know and actively watch out for the most common signs that may indicate your loved one is being mistreated by a caregiver. These include but are not limited to:

Victims of abuse often withdraw emotionally. This is especially true when they’re around their abuser. If you notice that your loved one suddenly gets quiet and seems nervous around a caregiver, it could be a sign that abuse is taking place. Sudden personality changes and outbursts may indicate mistreatment, as well.

If your loved one has lost unexplained weight, this can also be a sign of abuse or neglect on behalf of a caregiver.

One of the clearest signs of elder abuse is visible injuries. If your loved one has any unexplained bruises or other injuries, physical abuse may be occurring.

If your loved one’s will or financial holdings suddenly change, it could be a sign that they’re being exploited. This is a form of elder abuse, as seniors still retain the right to make their own decisions regarding their wealth and power of attorney.

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