Our elderly loved ones are supposed to be cared for in nursing homes, not neglected and abused. That’s why our elder abuse attorneys are here to make careless living facilities pay when they let such heinous acts take place. If your loved one was neglected or abused in their care facility, we can help you seek the justice and compensation your family deserves. Read the following transcript to learn more about what we can do to help you if your loved one has been subjected to neglect or abuse in their nursing home.

Speaker 1:
My dad fell at the nursing home two weeks after he started living there. He broke his hip, but the staff didn’t assess it properly and waited three days before taking him to the hospital. No one should ever be treated like that.

Attorney Jeff D. Stewart:
I work on cases involving care facilities like these every day, and I know what to do. Call me right now.

Speaker 1:
Stewart Bell made them pay for neglecting my dad. If you suspect wrongdoing in a nursing home, call Stewart Bell.

Attorney Jeff D. Stewart:
Call me. I know what to do.

Speaker 3:
Call 1-800-343-3838.

If your elderly loved one was abused or neglected in their nursing home, let us help you seek the justice and compensation your family deserves. Our nursing home abuse lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation to gather the evidence we need to build the strongest case possible on your behalf. We’ll take care of everything and be with you every step of the way as we fight for your rights. It only takes one call to get started, and your initial case review is completely free of charge. In fact, we won’t charge you a penny unless we win your case. Contact us right now to get started.

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