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Leasing is a great way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that would normally be out of your price range. Not only is it typically new and stylish, but you’re not responsible for the entire value of the vehicle, just the amount of value lost due to your driving. While there are plenty of benefits to leasing, accidents are a bit more complicated to deal with.

If you’re involved in a car accident in a leased vehicle, there are a few more factors you need to consider. Most of the procedure is largely the same as if you were involved in an accident driving a car you own, but the differences are essential. Learn everything you need to worry about when in a car accident in a leased vehicle.

Initial Response

The first thing you need to do when involved in an accident is the same no matter what you’re driving. Make sure you’re safe and uninjured. If you’re capable of moving without putting too much strain on yourself, make sure the other people involved are safe. Then, notify the proper first responders. Make sure to call for medical services if necessary and police to document the scene.

Gathering information is the next step. Make sure the police document the scene and take some pictures of your own with your cell phone highlighting the positioning of the vehicles involved and any damage. Don’t forget to get contact and insurance information from everyone else involved in the crash as well.

Reporting the Accident

When it comes to reporting the accident, a leased vehicle has an extra step. When you lease a vehicle, it isn’t technically yours, so you need to make sure the actual owner is notified. This is usually a leasing agent or dealership. You’ll also need to notify your insurance company immediately. This shouldn’t be a problem since leasing contracts tend to have insurance requirements.

Leasing contracts also have other requirements regarding the steps you must take to get your vehicle repaired. The leasing agent or dealership has an interest in making sure the vehicle stays in the best shape possible which is why it’s not uncommon for there to be a requirement to use original manufacturer parts for repairs. Failing to comply with your leasing contract in any way could put you in serious financial and legal trouble.

Making a Claim

If the other driver is at fault for your accident, the process of making a claim is largely the same. The only real difference is that you’re sure to have both collision and liability insurance as that’s standard for leasing contracts. Using your own insurance is just a fallback plan, however, as you would still initially try to get what’s owed from the other driver’s insurance company.

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