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Nursing homes are meant to look after our loved ones and provide them with the proper care they need to live with comfort and dignity. Anything less than that is a failure of the nursing home to meet its basic standards. If you feel that a nursing home hasn’t been meeting its obligations in caring for your loved one, it’s appropriate to file a complaint for nursing home neglect. A nursing home neglect lawyer in Charleston can advise you on where and how to file. For initial steps, keep reading.

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Voicing Your Complaint

older couple meeting with their Long-Term Care Ombudsman In most cases, the quickest way to resolve issues with a nursing home is to go through the institution’s grievance process. In cases where the complaint is specifically about a single staff member or even a few, the institution is often prepared to address the issue for you. Additionally, you can get in touch with the Long-Term Care Ombudsman assigned to the facility. These are employees of the state rather than the facility, so they’re a good source if you’re looking to bring a complaint against the nursing home as a whole.

Filing a Formal Complaint

If your issue isn’t resolved by the facility’s informal processes, it’s time to contact the Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification to file an official complaint. This institution is the regulatory authority for every nursing home in West Virginia. The OHFLAC investigates all types of complaints against nursing homes, such as those related to the quality of provided care, resident rights, and even building-safety issues.

Additionally, residents themselves don’t have to file the complaint. Anyone who knows about the issue, including family members, healthcare professionals, and friends can file a complaint. You can even file anonymously if you fear the complaint may result in retaliation toward you or your loved one. Make sure to include all the necessary information so the OHFLAC can contact you regarding the case.

How to File a Complaint

adult son filing a nursing home complaint online When it comes to filing a complaint with the OHFLAC, you have four options. Arguably, the most convenient is the online Health Facility Complaint Form. When completing this form, you’ll describe the incident in detail and provide any additional information, including preliminary actions you’ve taken. The second option is calling the complaints number or the Home Health Hotline. Operators on these lines will ask you the same questions as on the form. Additionally, you can fax complaints or send them through the mail. To protect confidentiality, the OHFLAC does not accept emailed complaints.

Seek Justice with Help from a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Charleston

You now know where to file a complaint against a nursing home in Charleston, West Virginia, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Our team of nursing home neglect lawyers can help you draft a complaint with all the necessary details that will help influence the OHFLAC to take action. Contact us today online to get your free consultation.

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