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When you place a loved one into a nursing home, you are trusting their safety and well-being to trained medical professionals whose responsibility it is to see that their physical, social, medical and emotional needs are met. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of seniors every year suffer at the hands of neglectful and abusive healthcare workers.

Elder abuse refers to intentional or grossly negligent actions by caregivers or other people, which result in harm or the severe risk of harm to vulnerable seniors. When this happens, it can be not just scary, but an outrage. You feel terrified for the safety of your loved one and a sense of betrayal by those you trusted with their safety.

You deserve compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. That’s why a Charleston nursing home abuse lawyer like those at Stewart Bell Injury Lawyers is your best bet to make sure they don’t hurt anyone else again.

The Elder Abuse Epidemic

Those who suffer from elder abuse often have health problems that require them to seek assistance from others just to complete everyday tasks, from shopping to dressing, to taking medication, to bathing. Unscrupulous individuals can take advantage of those needs to exploit your loved ones for money or abuse them.

Abuse can take many forms. It can be physical—pain and injuries resulting from rough handling, slapping, restraining, or improper application of physical force. It can even be an improper use of medications. It can be sexual, involving non-consensual touching, fondling, or even forced sex acts. It can take the form of neglect or abandonment, a caregiver who simply doesn’t live up to their responsibilities and fails to provide the needed shelter, food, clothing or other protections.

It can even involve exploitation when a caregiver takes, hides or misuses money, property or other assets for their own personal gain, or it can be emotional in nature, resulting in verbal abuse, humiliation, ongoing threats, or intimidation that result in trauma and anguish. The Stewart Bell Injury Lawyers have seen all of these, and know how to seek justice for the harm caused.

Warning Signs of Abuse

If you notice your loved one becoming withdrawn, having sudden personality changes such as fear, rage, mood swings, or depression, if you see bruises, burns, cuts, bedsores, or other physical injuries, these can be warning signs of abuse. In addition, if you note the caregiver trying to stop you from being alone with your loved one, or you see them acting in a neglectful, abusive or threatening manner, these can be warning signs.

You should never be afraid to call for help if you fear that your senior loved one is facing neglect or abuse. You should never be afraid to call the police and talk to a Charleston nursing home abuse lawyer like the Stewart Bell Law Firm.

Charleston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Stewart Bell Injury Lawyers have been in practice for over 30 years providing Charleston nursing home abuse lawyer services to individuals suffering from elder abuse and their families. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys will work quickly to get you the justice your family deserves. If you need help getting justice for elder or nursing home abuse in West Virginia, contact us for a consultation today.

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