WV Nursing Home Still on List of Facilities That “Have Not Improved”

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Apr 22, 2016 in Nursing Home Information

nursing-home-inspectorNearly one year ago, the Dunbar Center nursing home was placed on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) list of facilities that chronically provide inadequate care for their residents.

All nursing homes on the list, including the Dunbar Center, were immediately enrolled in a special CMS program that subjected them to intense scrutiny, inspections and evaluations, with the intention of improving the quality of care given to the facilities’ residents.

However, according to program updates recently released by the CMS, the Dunbar Center has shown no signs of improvement, despite having adequate time to make the necessary changes.

The CMS program, called the Special Focus Facility Program (SFF), was implemented over a decade ago to determine which nursing homes are providing quality care as required by Medicare and Medicaid, and which facilities are falling short of these requirements.

Each facility enrolled in the SFF program receives continual visits by a CMS inspection team that identifies areas in need of improvement, as well as severe deficiencies in the quality of care being provided. All facilities have a set amount of time to correct the problems and deficiencies, or they risk losing their Medicare and Medicaid funding.

According to the CMS, nursing homes on the SFF list have a record of poor performance, specifically those that have made no attempt to improve their inadequate care. While most nursing home facilities show six or seven deficiencies per CMS inspection, SFF-enrolled facilities show an average of 13 deficiencies. The more deficiencies a nursing home has, the more likely its residents will suffer bedsores, malnutrition and dehydration, medication errors and even death.

Officials from the CMS say long-standing patterns of serious problems still exist at all SFF facilities that have shown no signs of improvement, including the Dunbar Center. If no improvements are seen, the only remaining option for the Dunbar Center is termination from Medicare and Medicaid funding programs. The majority of nursing homes that have their funding revoked close their doors shortly thereafter, although some nursing homes seek to provide better quality care and re-enter the Medicare and Medicaid program.

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