Senators Want Stricter Regulations Concerning Nursing Home Abuse on Social Media

Posted on behalf of Stewart Bell, PLLC on Mar 22, 2016 in Nursing Home Injury or Death

following-social-media-trendsIncidents of nursing home abuse on social media sites have become more frequent over the past few years, and the recent increase has caused public outcry over what some people are calling, “a disturbing new social media trend.”

The incidents being posted to social media sites include various forms of abuse, with humiliating acts against residents being the most common. Nursing home employees are responsible for committing the majority of the abuse, as well as posting it online.

An investigative report, which was published in December by the journalism company ProPublica, seems to support claims of an increasing amount of nursing home abuse posted to social media. The report detailed 35 separate incident of nursing home abuse on various social media sites. The abuse occurred at numerous nursing homes across the U.S.

The incidents involved employees secretly taking photos or videos of residents who were either partially unclothed or completely nude. In many of the incidents, residents were slapped, held against their will, teased, mocked or made to perform humiliating acts.

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa is the third U.S. senator to petition the Department of Justice for stricter regulations regarding nursing home abuse and social media. Senator Grassley was preceded in his plea for action by Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana, who requested the Senate Aging Committee perform an investigation into the incidents.

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware is also involved in the matter. He has questioned federal privacy regulators about the actions they intent to take in order to stop this type of abuse from occurring.

While some instances of abuse discovered in ProPublica’s report resulted in criminal charges for the employees involved, the majority of these cases are handled by local or state prosecutors and not the federal government.

The Senators who have spoken out against these incidents feel it is time the federal government stepped in and helped put a stop to such an inappropriate and debasing form of abuse.

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