With warm weather setting in, festival season is here. But with throngs of people comes a rise in pedestrian accidents. So whether you intend to dig in at the Strawberry Festival or catch one of your favorite live acts at the Mountain Music Fest, there is always the possibility that crowds and traffic will not mix.

To reduce your chances of an incident where you might need a Charleston car accident attorney, follow these five tips for staying safe at your next festival.

Obey All Traffic Laws and Crowd Instructions

At nearly every major event, there will be both private security and public servants helping direct people and keep them safe. Traffic directors, security guards, barricades, crosswalks and “DO NOT ENTER” signs should all be heeded rather than ignored.

Anytime someone wants to jump a sawhorse or walk when they feel like it, they increase the risks of an accident for everyone. It only takes one person to give everyone else a bad idea.

Keep Your Distance

Any time you see vehicles moving around at a festival or public roads where vehicle traffic could be flowing, give them plenty of space. With crowds all around you, your visual distance is decreased, raising the chances that a “clear street” actually has someone traveling at high speeds right to where you want to walk.

Remember that your ability to react to unseen threats is diminished when surrounded by others, so respond with caution and defensive habits.

Know Your Limit

Without a doubt, one of the biggest contributors to accidents at festivals is impairment. People consuming alcohol — or illegal drugs — in excess tend to have poor decision-making skills and even worse coordination. Do not get caught up in being one of them! If you consume too much alcohol or impair yourself otherwise, you have a much higher chance of finding yourself in risky situations.

Look Out for Trouble

Even when following all of the above tips, someone could be going above and beyond to make things unsafe for everyone else. It could be a drunk driver swerving across the streets near a busy venue or it could be a group in the crowd who starts a stampede, but the end result is usually a painful accident.

Try to keep an eye on the reactions of the crowd and respond calmly but deliberately to any possible threats. With some extra vigilance, you could be the one who avoids calamity while everyone else gets caught up in it.

Hire a Charleston Car Accident Attorney When Things Get Hairy

No matter how hard you try, you can sometimes still find yourself in an accident during a festival. Recognize that you have rights to assert your side of the story and claim compensation for your injuries, including medical costs, lost wages, pain, and suffering and more. Even if you may have partially contributed to the cause of the accident, the other parties must pay their fair share if their fault is proven to be greater than yours.

You can pursue your right to recover damages by working with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Charleston today.

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