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Individuals that work in the healthcare industry face many challenges when performing their daily duties. Doctors have to quickly diagnose and treat patients, and nurses must ensure that those who are injured or ill continue to receive the care that they need to recover. If any mistakes happen, there could be extremely serious consequences.

Each medical facility will have a different way of treating its patients. In some situations, this can lead to concerns that the care that is being provided may be leading to additional health problems for the patient. Occasionally, team members may be forced to file reports that disclose this information to the appropriate agencies, to reduce the chance of it happening in the future.

Unfortunately, some of these workers may then find themselves out of a job. Their employers, instead of taking steps to improve the quality of care, focus more on their reputation in the industry. These individuals may be able to raise wrongful termination claims under the West Virginia Patient Safety Act (WVPSA).

How Can This Act Help Me?

This act allows workers in the healthcare industry to file lawsuits against their employers if they are terminated after making a good-faith complaint about the care that a patient received. Protected activities also include advocating for better treatment on behalf of the patient if wrongdoing or waste is observed.

Employers may also have to pay damages to the employee...

If the employee’s claims are successful, the employers may have several obligations under the law. These include back pay for the employee, and reinstatement. The employee may also receive all of the benefits and seniority that he or she had accrued prior to the wrongful termination. The employers may also have to pay damages to the employee as well.

The WVPSA is designed to encourage workers to report instances of improper treatment that they observe during the course of treatment. Prior to this law’s passing, many of these workers were reluctant to raise these issues because they were afraid they would lose their jobs.

With the protections offered by the law, healthcare can make their concerns known when problems arise. This allows patients to feel that their team is committed to providing the best care possible.

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Patient Safety Act Claims LawyerThose that work in the healthcare industry are familiar with the daily demands of the professions. If you have seen or reported problems at your place of employment and have been fired due to the report, you should speak to an experienced attorney about your potential claims.

You may be eligible to recover compensation due to your employer’s actions. It is important that you review the options that are available, so that you understand what will happen throughout the process.

These can be extremely complex cases, and an attorney can help you make sure your claims are as strong as possible.

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