Christmas Trees represent almost everything we love about the holiday season. They’re a symbol of beauty, warmth, and closeness. They’re festive and joyous, packed with lights and decorations and presents, and evoke a feeling of togetherness and family memories going back to when we were children. Unfortunately, for too many people every year, they also mean the potential for house fires and tragedy.

Keeping your house, family and loved ones safe during the holiday season requires taking great care in the way you select, display and dispose of your tree. Let’s review some important Christmas tree safety tips to make sure your tree safely gives you joy this holiday season from purchase to disposal.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

The choices you make every step of the way with your Christmas tree make all the difference in keeping your family safe, warm and happy during the holidays. Christmas tree safety tips begin when you select your tree, continue through the decorative decisions you make and don’t end until you properly dispose of it after the holiday.

Choosing Your Tree

There’s just something classic about a real Christmas tree that drives people to buy one every year. This carries the problem of a lot of dangerous bargain-basement vendors. When you choose your tree, touch it and give it a little shake. Make sure the needles don’t fall off but are stable and strong. If the needles fall off, move to a different tree—this one is drying out and could be a hazard.

Displaying Your Tree

When you take the tree home and get ready to set it up, first cut two inches off of the base of the trunk. This will open it up to allow it to better absorb water. That’s right; you also need to water this tree, even though it’s been cut down. Put it on a stand that’s made to hold water, and add fresh water daily. This will keep it moist and less likely to catch fire.

Also, choose the right location. Don’t put it somewhere that will block an exit, and keep it away from heat sources, both open flame and heating ducts that blow hot air.

Decorating the Tree

When you decorate the tree, carefully look over the lighting strands you use. Make sure there’s no exposed wire, no broken wire, and no broken bulbs or empty sockets. Replace burned out bulbs. Use power strips that have surge protectors, but don’t overload them by plugging one power strip into a second power strip. Be sure you use indoor lights inside, and outdoor lights outside.

When you go to bed or leave the house, shut off the tree. A nice looking window isn’t worth the risk of a fire you can’t stop because you’re not there.

Tree Disposal

Don’t store your tree after the holiday, not in the garage and not leaning against the house. Dispose of it using your local area’s tree recycling guidelines. Avoid trying to burn it yourself—that can be a recipe for disaster.

What to Do if You Get Hurt

If you get injured during the holiday season, and it’s because someone else was acting irresponsibly or recklessly, you can collect damages for your injuries. You’ll need the help of a qualified personal injury attorney to pursue compensation, however. In Charleston, turn to Stewart Bell Injury Lawyers. Contact us a call for a free consultation today!

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